Ghost Fighting Systems Jake Clarke On The Mick Tully Show

In this episode of the Mick Tully Show, we meet Jake Clarke who is the taking the boxing world by storm with the unusual Ghost system, it’s elusive fighting and then some pioneered by the martial genius Phil Norman. Check it out here: For more information on Ghost click the link below:   Phil Norman’s Ghost Elusive Combat

How to Generate Internal Power: With Steve Rowe

What is Internal Power? In this video Steve Rowe answers questions such as: Where does it come from? How do you access it? What’s the physical proof for it? Is it in every day life? How do you experience it? Steve Rowe is a well respected martial arts teacher based in the UK    

Rick Faye On The Mick Tully Show

It’s time for The Mick Tully  Show and this episode stars Rick Faye: Watch as Mick asks: Where did his martial arts journey begin? What happened when he met Guro Dan Inosanto? What was it like having Greg Nelson as a training partner? What differentiates the Minnesota Kali Group from other martial arts? Why is Kali a Fountain of Youth? …

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