3 Advanced Self Defence Strategies From Bruce Lee

There is a lot of talk about Bruce Lee’s films but few often realise just how fantastic his fighting strategy was.

Bruce Lee stood just 5’7″ tall and this is not what you would consider average height, so he had to make the most of his body and his fighting techniques.

Despite this, Bruce developed a range of fighting strategies that are missed by many and today we share them with you.

1. Fighting Larger Opponents: Break Their Balance

Bruce Lee  said:

“Once you go into action and grapple with an opponent; strive to keep him off balance.”

The WoMA.TV Take:

With grappling there is something called Kuzushi which is basically the art of breaking balance. So this is an essential part of training missed by many.

Take a look at Neil Adams MBE talking about breaking balance in this video

2.Learn To Use All Your Tools

Bruce Lee said:

“In combating a man with your bare hands, you must learn to use your head, knees, feet as well as your hands.”

The WoMA.TV Take:

This is pretty impressive because Bruce knew that in a fight you could be placed in a variety of ranges and end up unable to use your fists.

In this video UFC superstar Dan Hardy shares his knee strikes and kicking techniques

3. Be Efficient

Bruce Lee said:

” The crowding act gives you every opportunity to use these parts of your body, especially your elbows.

Another simple method while crowding with your opponent is to step on your opponents foot. It Has unexpected results.”

With efficiency comes confidence and self-reliance.”

The WoMA.TV take:

So what is crowding? Crowding is not giving your opponent chance to create power in their strikes.

In boxing, you can look at how Mike Tyson used to fight, at times he would almost put his head on the opponent’s chest!Being efficient is key to success because you make sure that you do not waste your energy and in any fight, you need your energy to last!

So there you have 3 advanced strategies from Bruce Lee, you can read them in detail in the book Bruce Lee Artist of Life.

The WoMA.TV Team​

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