JKD Wednesday Night Group Dennis Blue Revealed pt 2

​Enjoy part 2 of the exclusive interview with Sifu Dennis Blue of the Wednesday Night Group.  Questions asked by Lak Loi, JKD London ​JKD London​​​ UK WNG.  Everything from ​classic British puddings, the martial art origins from Bruce Lee that are in classic JKD training, bio mechanics, applications and so much more.

D.M. Blue is a long time proponent / practitioner of several martial arts disciplines. He brings his 38 years of formal training to the Wednesday Night Group.

Mr. Blue has 30 years with the JKD WNG, under the mentoring of Tim Tackett, original Bruce Lee students Bob Bremer, Jim Sewell and Pete Jacobs. He possesses a journey of decades in training under and with a host of notable martial artist.

D.M. is currently a sitting executive board member of the JKD WNG and also serves as an advisor/instructor to the Chinatown JKD Association. He has taught Personal Safety/Self Defense and Martial Arts Conditioning at Chaffey College for the past 12 years. He has Taught around the world with the Wednesday Night Group, The former Bruce Lee Educational Foundation, The New Bruce Lee Foundation; as well as seminars in Europe and the continental U.S.

His diverse background in formal Asian, Pacific Island, Western, European and Russian Martial Arts brings a unique flavor to the practicality of his lessons. In addition to these attributes he has a background in Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, and the U.S. Military.

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