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Read the Opponent SILAT Training

Read the Opponent SILAT Training

The awesome MAUL MORNIE shows how to READ the OPPONENT to FINISH the FIGHT.  DEFEND the OFFENSE.  It’s not a duelling art, it’s not a sport, it is all about SURVIVAL. Maul Mornie and more Silat Suffian can be found here;www.silatsuffian.netand on YouTubeMaul565 Many thanks to Ollie Batts of Cambridge

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World of Martial Arts Magazine Nov Dec 2018

World of Martial Arts Magazine Issue 2 Contributing Writers

The Contributors Athos Antoniades  A 9th Dan Black belt, and a Kenpo Taiji and Tai chi (Dim mak) instructor. He holds classes in Finchley, North London and is available for workshops. Visit for more information. Jonathan Barbary    Sifu Barbary is the disciple of Sifu Lao Wei Kei, current head

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World of Martial Arts Magazine Issue 1 Sept/ Oct

World of Martial Arts Magazine Issue 1 Contributing Writers

The Contributors Neil AdamsNeil ia a 8th Dan Olympic Judo competitor and renowned Judo coach and commentator. Tim Becherer  Trained in JKD, Kali, FMA amongst others. He is a student of Guro Dan Inosanto and Larry Hartsell. Jonathan Bluestein  Shifu Jonathan Bluestein is a martial arts teacher and author hailing

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