Sherlock’s Sunday Sluggers


Sherlock Sunday @ The Soho Sluggers Club

A seminar experience like no other where you will meet and train with Marcus Shakesheff  who was the man behind the fight scenes  in  Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows
You will then experience the art of classic pugilism as practised by Sherlock Holmes. Via the renowned instructor Martin Oz Austwick ​

Join us on Sunday 29th January 2017 SOHO London
11 am to 1 pm 

Price £55​

Click the link to go to pay pal and after payment an email will be sent with more details!​

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Learn the Art of Pugilism in a unique private members club in salubrious Soho The Holme of Bartitsu

A seminar experience like no other

Once payment has been received you will be emailed personally by the instructor or the owner of WoMA.TV.  Inside that email will be details of the secret location where the seminar will be held in the heart of Soho.
Upon arrival you will meet and  train with Marcus Shakesheff who was the man  behind the fights in Sherlock Holmes Game of  Shadows and has also worked on numerous other films and TV Shows including Game of Thrones.
You will then experience the art of classic pugilism via Martin Austwick, an experienced striking/ grappling coach and historian.
Period dress is optional but welcome, drinking Stout and Port is encouraged

Discover Bartitsu and the work of Marcus Shakesheff

The Soho Sluggers Club

The Soho Sluggers Club is a unique invite only group ​that takes place at a secret location in the heart of Soho.
This private group embraces the art of the gentleman and is the home for distinguished chaps and ladies that wish to learn the classic forms of self defence and pugilism followed by friendly social engagement. 

No Riff Raff 

Learn the classic forms of pugilism for Gentlemen and ladies in an exclusive venue in the heart of Soho, London.

Learn how to surprise an attacker

Learn unique  yet effective striking techniques 

Taught by experts

Make new friends and join and exclusive club

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