Martial Philosopher Revealed: SILAT Fitrah

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The Martial Philosopher Revealed talks to CHRIS PARKER who studies and teaches SILAT FITRAH, a Malaysian martial art.How did he go from Shotokan Karate to Silat?Has he experienced FEAR?How did he discover his Malaysian teacher in the UK?What’s the point of training, is there a journey of self discovery?

There is a lot more inside the art.

Seek and ye shall find…

As Guru Tua Chris Parker said, “I met my Silat teacher Bapak Hj Idris bin Alimuda in Cheltenham in 1976. We were both university students. I became his lifelong student. For me, it is the greatest privilege to know him, to be challenged by him and to learn from him. The art I now teach, Silat Fitrah, was named by Bapak Idris more than thirty years after our first meeting. That naming was an emotional experience for me; it was more than just a recognition; it was at once a gift and a burden.

Having said that, Silat Fitrah is nothing special; just a simple syllabus reflecting a number of core physical and psychological principles. The purpose of the art is to develop increased self awareness, to discover who we truly are and, through that, to add value to our relationships and lives. After all, if we have nothing of value to defend, why develop a defensive capability? The syllabus includes ground, footwork, elbow, striking and kicking forms and a salutation that incorporate all the key principles of movement and reinforces the attitude and purpose of our practice. Silat is a blade art that also addresses the issue of multiple attackers.

I teach Silat Fitrah to only a handful of people, all close and dear friends – my Silat brothers.”

All the way from Nottingham, in the UK.

Filmed at Eddie Quinn’s seminar held to raise funds for the hospice that cared for his late sister.

He’s here;

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