World of Martial Arts Television is a multi-platform martial arts brand that delivers high quality, original content to its growing audience.

Our current platforms consist of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and our website.

With a combined reach of over 1 Million people each month on the internet, we offer a range of advertising options for any business wanting to get more people to see their products.

Why You Should Advertise With WOMA.TV

Every day people are fighting for the attention of consumers. You have a great business and you need people to see it, but how do you do this?

In the past, this was based on TV adverts, print and radio.

However, we now live in an ‘on demand’ media based world.

When TV adverts come on we pick up our phones to check our Facebook feed. When we want to watch our favourite programme we watch them on demand.

World of Martial Arts TV work with influencers within the martial arts world from Olympic champions such as Teddy Riner to the man that fought Bruce Lee on screen, Dan Inosanto. We bring in-depth content, including interviews and training footage to the fans.

This is content that people want to watch, read and share.

Our current advertising options are as follows:

In Content

If you are looking for a great opportunity to have your business seen our in content adverts are an ideal solution.

Your ad will be a maximum of 1024 x 681 and be placed within a suitable location within the article.

We will also promote the article on Social Media.

Costs will be ‘per post’.

In Content Video

As part of our options, we can also offer advertisement in our video content on Facebook.

Due to the unique nature of our original content WOMA.TV has quickly reached a large audience and is rapidly growing on the platform which can be seen with our results.

Our audience is highly engaged due to the original content that we create.

Our audience is 94% male with a global fan base of which a large portion based in the UK and USA.

Site Banner

With a recent announcement from Google that sites with adverts that interfere with the user experience will be penalised in the rankings WOMA.TV will be offering a Ribbon style banner option that will be displayed across every page on the WOMA.TV site.

This banner will contain a headline and button to direct site users to your product/ business.

Side Bar

Another advertising option is our side bar. This static placement will be sized to fit in with the existing advert placements but will be visible on every page and post.

By advertising with World of Martial Arts Television you  get your business, martial art, brand or product in front of people for the right reasons!

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