5 Uplifting Martial Arts Insights By Dan Inosanto

In this article World of Martial Arts Television has taken some time and effort to look at several interviews with the legendary Dan Inosanto. Each interview we have included in this post is packed with knowledge and insight, you would do well to watch them all.

However as we know everyone has super busy lives these days we thought it would helpful if we pulled 5 amazing insights that will lift the spirits of any martial artist.

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1.What System Suits One Person Might Not Suit Another

This quote can be seen at the 5-minute mark in the interview. Dan expands on the subject and talks about the human body changes and  that differing arts will suit different people at a variety of times in their lives.

2. You Want To Stay A Student All Your Life: Even Though You Become A Teacher You Want To Learn From Everyone

This quote is from the same video as in quote number 1 and the message is at the 5.30 seconds mark. Dan explains that you need to remain a student so you can learn constantly through your journey in the martial arts

3. A Good System At The beginning Will Encourage Research

This insight is really special because Dan talks about teaching students. Check it out at the 35.25 mark.

4. Live Day By Day, Adapt And Modify, That’s Important In martial Art, In Life Period

What a superb message from Dan Inosanto. We have to change in life as we deal with  the daily grind. Injuries, weight gain, age, divorce, children, illness and any other change that comes our way will require you to adapt your life.

Check out the full advice at the  36.15 mark (Same video as Number 3)

5. The Martial Arts Always Taught Me To Problem Solve

Life throws a lot of challenges at us that we need to solve. The martial arts encourages the ability to solve problems.

Hear what Dan has to say on the whole subject at the 1.45 mark of the video below


So there you have it, some amazing advice from Dan Inosanto. If you have enjoyed this article please share with your friends.

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