How Conor McGregor Is Inspiring People To Take Up Martial Arts

A few years ago he was unknown.

A few years ago he was on welfare.

A few years ago he had nothing but the love of his family.

A few years ago was not a champion.

5 Years later he is one of the highest paid athletes in the world.

In this article, we are going to explain just why Conor McGregor is so crucial to us all, and why he always will be.

It Has Never Been About The Fighting

We all win and lose fights in life, you get the new job, but it turns out to be terrible.

You win the promotion at work but you see your family less, and you are more stressed.

You win the tournament, but you end up with injuries.

We win, we lose, and that is life.

But the winning is done by moving forward.

Conor McGregor is estimated to have earned close to $109 million in the last five years.

That is going from benefits to earning over £100 million in 5 years.

His first fight was in 2008 where he stopped Gary Morris, and he suffered a defeat in his third fight against Artemij Sitenkov.


Many would have quit there and then, having had a defeat so early.

He kept on fighting.

Eventually, he moved onto the UFC in 2013 and was paid £6100 to show up against Marcus Brimage and a further £6100 to win.

But because he earned KO of the night, he pocketed £46,000 extra.

It would be easy to say that the success of Conor McGregor is down to fighting.

It would be easy to say that he is just a good fighter.

But that is not true, the success of Conor  McGregor is down to 2 important factors, self-belief and hard work.

It is these factors that are missing from the lives of so many children and people and these factors that Conor can inspire.

Hard Work Pays Off

These days people want the easy life, kids want to be YouTube stars and earn thousands while having fun.

They want to be Instagramers and pocket cash in their sleep through sponsorship.

People want to be Insta famous.

What they don’t want to do is wake up at 6 am in the cold of winter and head off to the gym.

They don’t want to punch the bag until your knuckles hurt, they don’t want to put the work in without hearing the applause.

This is one part of what has made Conor McGregor.

And to be fair, this is what he had to say about the role that Martial Arts has for children:

“There are many, many young kids who are seeing the path now,” explained McGregor.

“There are many, many parents of young kids who are seeing my path, and encouraging the game of martial arts. And whether you put your child into martial arts or whatever, it allows them to go and conquer whatever they want to. Whether they want to conquer the fight game, they can. Whether they want to go and conquer the business game, or whatever route they decide to take, training the martial arts will help them.”

“So I am happy that I have put martial arts in the spotlight in my country, and shown it for what it is. True dedication, and a beautiful discipline.”

Did you hear that?  Martial Arts will help our children!

The second part of Conor’s success is self- belief.

He says “if you have a clear belief it will happen.”

Conor Mcgregor is a believer in visualisation, in self-belief and the law of attraction.

Dreams can become a reality.

You might not share this belief; we are taught growing up to ‘stop dreaming’ to ‘stop having daydreams’.

We are told that our children are ‘behind at school’ but what if they are actually ahead?

Ahead of us all?

Ahead because they are dreaming of being the champions in the ring, the mat, or in business.

Perhaps they are dreaming about saving lives as a surgeon yet are being told they will never become one.

The martial arts are an incredible vehicle to inspire self-belief in both adults and children.

An adult or child starts with no knowledge and quickly feels success as they pass their first grading.

They stand up and say ‘I won’ as they defeat their opponent and collect their medal.

Is that more important than being told that they are not as good as the other children at maths in school?

Is it more important that the employee review by the boss that hates you?

Quite possibly.

As children and adults we are taught to abandon our dreams, and yet in the martial arts, we are told that with hard work we can all achieve success in some form.

The Legacy Of Conor McGregor

Conor told one of the best boxers of all time he would beat him.

And he put up a  good fight, in a sport he had never competed in.

Sure, he didn’t win, but he made a lot of money in the process. Also, he showed the world that unless you try to do something unless you try to win you will never know.

You can love or hate him, but like it or not Conor McGregor is inspiring kids across the planet.

He is inspiring people on welfare that they can change their lives.

But ultimately he is saying ‘Martial Arts’ is a vehicle to change your life, it is a place where you will gain the internal skills to go after the life you want.

It is not about fighting; it is about the inner you.

This is the message, and he is screaming it loud and clear.

The great thing about Martial Arts is that we have someone who is not only gaining success through Martial Arts but also saying the success is because of what the Martial Arts has taught him.

Conor never needs to fight again; he has made his money. He could lose his next ten fights, and things wouldn’t change.

Because he has achieved success on a scale like no other in the modern world.

And if you can go from being on welfare to having £100 million in the bank, I think we all need to stand up and listen to what advice he can give us all.

From where I am standing it is ‘Get your children into Martial Arts and believe in yourself’.

And surely there is no more significant message.

Thanks for reading.


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