FIGHTER!!! The Chris Leben Inside Story

​To celebrate his return to the ring we feature Chris Leben behind the scenes training and his family life as he preps for his first bout back after being diagnosed with a serious heart complaint.

​What life threatening medical condition does he have? What supplements have ​made him healthy?  What natural Powders and Herbs?  Who is his secret training partner?  Now he is a father what difference has ​​that made

Chris Leben will be back in a big way this Friday night, November 9,2018.  Chris will be fighting fellow UFC-alum Phil Baroni in the WorldBare Knuckle Fighting Federation’s ‘Rise of the Titans’ in Casper,Wyoming.’  The Crippler’ was diagnosed with a severe heart condition that forced him into retirement, and he fought his way back into the ring with the help of his trainers at The Arena Gym in San Diego, CA.

Fighter: The Chris Leben Inside Story will follow Chris as he prepares to make his comeback and show what this MMA legend’s life is like outside the ring; we meet his partner Brittany and young son Liam.  

Meet the man, the legend, train with him at The Arena Gym

Chris Leben
Chris Leben

​​Chris Leben is a legendary UFC alumnus who fought some of the world’s best, including Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, and Wanderlei Silva.  Aside from his extensive experience in MMA, Chris is also skilled in wrestling and jiu-jitsu. A future UFC Hall of Famer, Chris runs the Accelerated Training Program at The Arena.  Chris Leben had 10 years active fighting in UFC w/Record the most middleweight fights, 22 UFC FIGHTS.  Now focused on his Referee career and teaching MMA to my students.

​​Filmed at the legendary Arena Gym in San Diego, California;

The Arena

The Arena Gym is the leading combat sports gym in San Diego, offering world-class instruction for all skill levels in boxing, jiu-jitsu, MMA, and many others. It is home to the best team of coaches in the world, with experts such as Baret Yoshida, Basheer Abdullah, and Kru Mark.  The Arena was founded in 1949, making it the oldest continually operating martial arts gym in North America. At 27,000 square feet, it is also the largest gym in San Diego.

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