How Martial Arts Can Help With Bullying: the Rubber Monkeys Discussion

Ever been bullied, ever been a bully? We locked the Rubber Monkeys, the legends Daniel Strauss, Chris Hearn and Mick Tully in a room and let them talk, the Naked Truth. Real stories from real men.

In this episode, The Rubber Monkeys talk bullying and more:

Who are the Rubber Monkeys?

Daniel Strauss the Raspberry Ape, a horse shoe bending strongman, Jiu Jitsu player via Roger Gracie, Polaris competitor, European Nogi champ a NAGA champ and so much Lucha Libre more.

Chris Hearn the Rubber Bandido, via Roger Gracie Mill Hill Gym, 1st Degree Black Belt. Awesome. Tattoos, not Star Wars, training and living life.

Mick Tully all the way from JKD to Kali and BJJ with Neil Simkin and Gold at British Gi and NoGi. He hosts The Mick Tully Show on, and Mick’s Martial Arts Podcast.

Ready to check them out in a new type of talk show:


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