No Limits!!!!! Brittle Bone Disease in TaeKwonDo

​No Limits!!!!! Brittle Bone Disease in TaeKwonDo Podcast

Mick Tully interviews Robbie Hirst one of the youngest and most determined martial artists you could ever meet who deals with broken bones on a daily basis and doesn’t let his condition stop him training Tae Kwon Do.  Listen to his inspirational story on Mick’s Martial Arts.

Mick Tully talks with Robbie who has overcome more than his fair share of obstacles on his way to his black belt in Tae Kown Do. A genetic condition means that Robbie Hirst has had more broken bones than every other guest we’ve had on the show COMBINED!

Join him as he tells us how everyday tasks can lead to another break, yet that never gets in the way of his training. A truly inspirational interview, that also features possibly Mick’s worst joke EVER. Stay tuned right to the end for that.

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For more information about Brittle Bone Disease; ​​Wikipedia Brittle Bone Disease​​​ and​ Brittle Bone Society

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Recorded earlier this year at the Warriors Assemble awards.

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