OFFICIAL EXCLUSIVE Bruce Lee A Life Revealed pt2


Since Bruce Lee’s unfortunate death 45 years ago ​important questions have remained unanswered; ​Was there a precursor script before Enter the Dragon? What is Kelsey? What’s the story behind Silent Flute? What was he like on set? Did he inspire devotion from Linda Lee?  How did he inspire other people and generations to come?

We filmed the noted author Matthew Polly discussing his book B​RUCE LEE A Life. ​He ​found and interviewed the people who really knew Bruce Lee; the Producer Fred Weintraub, his wife Linda Lee Cadwell and daughter Shannon, found friends he’d included in his films. Polly’s research ​overflows the book BRUCE LEE A Life, published by Simon & Schuster, ​with a library of detail that illuminates the vivid and inspiring life of BRUCE LEE. It is a testament to the man that changed the world ​in the 1970s and has continued to inspire generations ​ever ​since.

Immensely knowledgeable Bruce Lee expert Andrew Staton asked the questions.  Top man : )

We interviewed Matthew Polly at the Bruce Lee’s Cultural Legacies Conference held at Cardiff University by Paul Bowman & Kyle Barrowman.  We were kindly invited and hosted by them.  This was an awesome 2 day gathering of noted scholars, academics and interested parties.

“Bruce Lee died in July 1973, just days before the release of Enter the Dragon, a film that would catapult him to global fame. As we arrive at the 45th anniversary of this simultaneous arrival and departure in July 2018, the fourth annual martial arts studies conference seeks to explore and assess the impacts, legacies, effects and consequences of the images, ideas, films, programmes, writings, philosophies, choreographies and principles of Bruce Lee. The focus of this conference is not solely on his films and writings in isolation but rather on their impact in such contexts as: martial arts, popular culture, physical culture, film making, fight choreography, theatre, publishing, and of course gender, class, ethnicity and other aspects of identity ‘politics’, performance, or work.”  
Martial Arts Studies Cardiff University

All original content filmed in 4k on Sony Professional equipment. No borrowed footage here.

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