Royce Gracie: “My Toughest Opponent …….”

gracie 11

Royce Gracie was the skinny Brazilian kid  that turned up at the very first  Ulitmate Fighting Championship and beat everyone!

From that day, the world went BJJ crazy and wanted to learn from the Gracie’s.

Royce had lots of fights in MMA and has won most of them, often beating multiple champions and giving away size and strength. Check out his video with the huge Akebono below:

and this highlight reel shows us the best of Royce over the years:


However after all those years just who was the toughest opponent that Royce ever faced? Well in our exclusive interview for WOMA TV we asked him and we got a surprising answer which could help any fighter or athlete to improve their mental control.

Check out the interview  below:


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