Chris Leben MMA Legend

FIGHTER!!! The Chris Leben Inside Story Part 2 in 4K

​The Chris Leben Story follows ‘The Crippler’ as he trained for his comeback fight against Phil Baroni at WBKFF 1.   See firsthand the changes and sacrifices that Chris made in order to prepare himself for his victory against ‘The New York Badass’.  Chris works and trains out of the San Diego martial arts gym The Arena We see Chris …

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Jackie Chan features in Issue 1 World of Martial Arts Magazine

Jackie Chan Reborn

Jackie Chan Reborn on Blu Ray Today Jackie is one of the most recognizable and influential cinematic personalities in the world. Jackie Chan went from unknown stunt man working with Bruce Lee on Fist of Fury and Enter The Dragon to action star when Snake in the Eagles Shadow and Drunken Master were released. ​ Since then the unassuming Hong …

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