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Fatsan Pakmei Kune
Fatsan gets its fame for being the birthplace of Wing Chun and Hung Gar Kung Fu styles. However, there’s an unknown style outside of Fatsan, the White Eyebrow Monk’s Boxing. Jonathan Barbary explains…

Gun Samurai?
Samurai are normally associated with sharp swords and close combat. However, the Matsumoto Gun Corps wear katana’s and wakizashi’s, but carry “tanegashima” guns. Matthew Okuhara explains the rarity of this martial art.

The Power of TKD
‘How Taekwondo saved my life’ a remarkable story that inspired ‘The Pink Belt Scholarship’, a unique fundraiser to help women learn Taekwondo, told by Kristy Hitchens, The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger.

The Power Pain Multiplier?
Many martial arts systems, BJJ in particular, are built on an understanding and application of the principles of leverage. What does this mean though? John B Will explains…

Tradition is Killing Wing Chun?
Almost anyone who loves martial arts knows of
Ip Man, the Wing Chun teacher of Bruce Lee.
In Ip Man’s day, Wing Chun was highly regarded for its practicality and effectiveness. However, is Wing Chun in danger of becoming stuck in itself? Adam Williss explains…

Mental Health Warrior
Jim Wright interviews a remarkable man, Robert Consulmagno, who in the face of adversity, wants people to join him on his quest to ‘End The Stigma’ associated with mental health.

JKD Investigated
‘We Are Right and You Are Wrong’ written while he was teaching in Italy recently Chris Kent talks about a problem that seems to be prevalent in the JKD world today.

Savate World Championships
Following several months of preparation, the 2018 Savate World Championships took place in October at one of the largest exhibition spaces in Southeast Europe. Julie Gabriel reports.

The Spirit of Aikido
In Aikido individuals must learn that it is not just techniques that they have to master. The development of “self” is also an important. Without this holistic approach to development, maximum effect can not be achieved. Bob Jones explains…

Bridge Building?
Shock horror outrage: training in another system to enhance your style or martial arts bridge building: the principles of another art enhancing your own! Stephen Blomeley opens your eyes to different perspectives.

Traditional Training
‘Lose yourself to find the way’ Steve Rowe looks at finding the right balance.

Original Truth
It’s like riding a bike… ‘Hazard Fixation’ martial artists are very similar to motorcyclists. Lak Loi elaborates…

Dim Mak
Dim Mak is a far more sophisticated and complicated ‘system of fighting and self defence’ than simply striking a few points and hoping for a KO to happen. Athos Antoniades explains the complete fighting sysyem of Dim Mak.


Fighting Films​
The latest action films reviewed.

Including a review of Nightshooters with a profile on Jean-Paul Ly.

And Zatoichi, the legendary blind swordsman boxset reviewed.

Once Upon A Time In China
Tsui Hark’s phenomenal Once Upon A Time In China series, featuring the awesome Jet Li, captures the essence and physical embodiment of traditional Chinese values and moral incorruptibility, with off course awesome martial arts. Phil Wrath bring you up-to-date with the movies so far.

Jun Fan Journal
News and reviews of everything Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do.

Enter The Dragon
Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Enter The Dragon’s meteoric rise to Iconic status, resident Bruce Lee Historian Peter Jagger looks at how the critics first evaluated the film before its cult status, and then how over the years the film has been cut badly and finally restored and now theorized over.

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